Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunday Dinner for LeDessa!

We are so busy celebrating birthdays this time of year that it is fun to turn Sunday dinners into celebration Sundays! Two weeks ago we celebrated my niece's birthday who turned 10. Wow! I can't believe she is ten years old. This week I had cut my hand washing a glass while doing dishes and ended up in the emergency room.
Instead of stitching me up , they glued me up with dermabond. Imagine that!. Consequently, I had limited use of my hand. Instead of cooking Sunday Dinner, we ordered take out from Church's Chicken and made the sides. Karen, Ledessa's mom , made the birthday cake (it was so good). We set the table, and sat down to Sunday Dinner. We sang happy birthday to Ledessa in loud and boisterous voices which Ledessa loved and then the best part for HER this Sunday Dinner was opening and playing with her gifts.
My Aunt Gloria Jean passed away this week, so we lingered  a long while at the table just reminiscing about her and the family and planning our trip to her homegoing celebration. My brother , Leon and I shared stories about aunt Jean and other family members, some deceased. Those shared stories, and time spent together with family  give a new depth and value to Sunday Dinners.

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