Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celebrating Me!

Sat. Sept.19th was my birthday so my brother volunteered to fry fish and chips for our Sunday Dinner. I was so excited because I told him fish would have to include shrimp if it was for me. I loooove shrimp! He cooked a ton of fish and shrimp. We had salad and fries as well. He said to me "See Deb, we can have a light meal on Sunday as well." (as he sat down at the dining table after his third trip to the kitchen). I totally agree but I couldn't see how He thought a ton of Fried  fish and shrimp and fixins was a light meal. We rounded out the meal with Old Fashioned Blue Bell  ice cream and the best cake ever with a cheesecake filling that my daughter and son-in-law bought.
Earlier that day at church my brother had asked the pastor to announce that it was my birthday.
Our pastor asked me to stand and he asked the musicians to play as they all sang happy birthday to me. WHAT A GREAT FEELING to have that many people smile and sing happy birthday with such great expression and smiles on their faces. It's like being bathed in LOVE! After all the calls from my sisters , brother, my brother -in-law, my son in Dallas and my daughter in law , the facebook well wishes, and of course the gifts and cards and hugs ,I felt truly blessed! I'm used to my sisters and brother singing to me on my birthday, but this year even my brother in law called from South Carolina to sing happy birthday! My family always compete to be the first to call on birthdays. My youngest son called at midnight and immediately asked if he was first . He got the first child award , my oldest sister got the first sibling award and so on. That's always fun. The winners are always so delighted!
I'm a giver and I enjoy it so much. I never expect anything in return.
Well !This Sunday Dinner was all about me and that felt great as well! God is so good! I am so blessed!

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