Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Fall season is always a busy time for birthday celebrations in our family. Both of my sons , Sean and Brian are born in October and   my daughter-in-law, Ashley is also born in October.We had already celebrated six other family birthdays between August and October. What a great season of family gatherings and celebrations! It gives new meaning to Sunday Dinner celebrations. I try to make each Sunday Dinner celebration unique to each person.
My youngest son, Brian, loooves meatloaf ( so much so he learned to cook it himself). His sunday dinner celebration centered around a meatloaf dinner with all his special side dishes. He swears I make the best meatloaf and of course that assures that I will make it for him. He hadn't been home for his birthday in about five years, so it was special to all of us. He asked me to bake my signature cake, cream cheese pound cake from scratch.  He scoffed it all down with a heaping helping of cookies and cream ice cream.
My oldest son , Sean lives in Dallas with his wife,Ashley and they are expecting my first granddaughter, Langston in January. I am so excited! I wish they lived closer but I 'm working on that. Sean sells video phones through ACN as a
business so of course I was one of his first sales. The exciting thing about the video phone is that you can dial the telephone number of another person who also owns a video phone and you can actually see them and talk to them in real time. The picture is so clear it is as if they are in the room with you . So I got the idea that at OUR Sunday Dinner we could all sing happy birthday to him and we could all see each other and light candles for his favorite cake both here and there. How awesome is that! Modern technology is great! Another really great thing is that there was family and friends there in Dallas to share Sean's Birthday. God is so good!
Soon we will travel to Dallas for the baby shower .  Ashley's birthday is also that weekend , so I am so happy to be in town for a great celebration weekend. The shower is on that Sunday so I know it will be another great Sunday Dinner Celebration!